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Offerte, Escursioni e Fattoria didattica

Escursioni e Fattoria didattica

Vieni a trovarci escursioni e moltissime attività ti aspettano!


  1. Bio Agritur Maso Celesta

  2. Bio Agritur Maso Celesta

Welcome to Sport Hotel Vittoria in Passo Tonale

Sport hotel Vittoria is superbly located in the heart of Passo Tonale at 1900 mt high, only a few meters from the slopes and 10 km from Ponte di Legno.

The hotel is the right choose for an ideal white week fully organized for ski and practice all the winter sports.

Staying at Sport hotel Vittoria means being always the centre of the attentions; there you join comfort and wellbeing.

Four different types of rooms recently renewed, the new wellness centre and spa, the genuine cuisine, the beauty farm, the entertainment organiser for the kids and pub to enjoy your nights, are only some of the many other facilities to make your holiday the best.

We are waiting for you at Passo Tonale!
Daldoss family


Pacchetti CENTRO, Promozione agosto in famiglia!

Promozione agosto in famiglia!

Primo bambino fino ai 10 anni  sconto del 70% e secondo bambino FREE!

Pacchetti DX,  Opportunity-Guest card!

Opportunity-Guest card!

La card che ti permette di circolare  sugli impianti   e di visitare i musei gratuitamente!